Rugby: Camarès validates his ticket for the quarter-finals of the Occitanie challenge

Rugby: Camarès validates his ticket for the quarter-finals of the Occitanie challenge

Les Camarésiens se sont imposés dans des phases de jeu directes. Midi libre – Michel Durand

RC Rougier waited until the final moments of the match against Eauze to validate their qualification for the quarter-final of the Occitanie challenge (22-16).

It’has definitely become a habit, the wind was there this Sunday at the Camarès municipal stadium. The Rougier players got off to a good start but a few hand mistakes made all their attacks sterile.

Faced with a young opposing team that was particularly mobile and very dangerous on recovery balls, the Camarésiens found the fault through captain Julien Espitalier who concluded a highlight for his team with a try (7-0) . The game subsequently became balanced. Rougier tried to put pressure in the confrontation zones with a particularly effective conquest in the rucks and on the touchlines. Very penalized in his weak moments, he actually allowed the excellent Gers scorer Pontac to score two penalties allowing his team to come back to the score in the 30th minute of play (7-6). Shortly before half-time, the Eauze players tried to get around the power of South Aveyron with some play, multiplying the highlights in the Camaresian camp. A new penalty from Pontac gave them the advantage in the score (7-9) validating the domination of his team. An advantage reduced to nothing on a final action from the south of Aveyron who were once again able to count on Cambon, author of a 100% on the bars in particularly difficult conditions this Sunday. Half-time was whistled with a slight advantage (10-9) in favor of Rougier.

A balanced end to the match

With the support of Éole, the Camarésiens had a good start to the second period validated by a penalty from Cambon (13-9). Far from being discouraged, the Gersois continued to produce play against the Camaresians who were having difficulty holding the ball and putting their game in place. A new penalty from Cambon allowed the locals to take a slight advantage (16-9). A few times manhandled in defense against an unapologetic and very playful Eauze team, the Camarésiens had to lose in the 61st minute. After several periods of play near the opposing goal line, the Gersois scored a corner try thanks to their center Martin allowing his team to equalize (16-16). The game was balanced with two style oppositions between a very mobile and playful Eauze team with ball in hand and the more powerful Camarès team trying to impose its direct play in the axis. Two very good penalties scored by the Rougier scorer at the end of the game helped secure the South Aveyron victory with a score of 22-16, qualifying it for the quarter-finals.

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