Rugby: first friendly match in a month for RC Nîmes, start of the championship in two!

Rugby: first friendly match in a month for RC Nîmes, start of the championship in two!

Premiers tours de terrain de la saison 2024-2025 pour les rugbymen nîmois, ce lundi 1er juillet. MIDI LIBRE

Les rugbymen nîmois ont déjà repris le chemin de l’entraînement. C’était ce lundi 1er juillet au stade Kaufmann. Car il va falloir être vite prêt pour la prochaine saison…

Holidays over, incorporation of new recruits, intensity at the rendezvous with a battery of physical tests under the leadership of the new trainer and former player, Pierre-Gilles Lakafia… the players of RC Nîmes have indeed made their return this Monday evening at the Kaufmann stadium.

38 players, including ten recruits, subjected to the Bronco test

With the program for this resumption the famous and traditional “Bronco test” on which the 38 players in the squad (including ten recruits*) sweated profusely on the new synthetic pitch. Way to get back on track quickly and above all, for the staff, to assess everyone's state of physical fitness to prepare effectively for the season, and thus be competitive as quickly as possible.

Start of the championship on the last weekend of August!

Because it is the start of a real race against time with the focus on the first friendly match in Carcassonne (National) Friday August 2. And especially the first day of the N2 championship from the weekend of August 31 and September 1!

A good recovery also means smiles. "A lot of enthusiasm from both the players and the staff", appreciated the RCN manager, Guillaume Aguilar. "We're excited to start again!" And to get (well) prepared.

(*) There were nine but last Friday, Thomas Coignat signed with the RCN, coming from Chambéry (Nationale). An opportunity that Nîmes jumped on, the 3rd line ultimately not having committed to Hyères (N) which is in financial difficulty. I subscribe to read more

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