Rugby union: a Sète victory which should count

Rugby union: a Sète victory which should count

Les avants ont réalisé un gros travail. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

En Fédérale 3, le RC Sète s'est imposé 14-13 ce dimanche 3 mars à domicile, face au SMUC.

The Sète rugby players scored a great victory this Sunday at home. In self-sacrifice, solidarity and struggle. And facing a SMUC team which plays the leading roles in the group.

Right on time

The local determination was evident from the kick-off. Once the ball was recovered, the Sétois found a good touch then won a scrum in front of the goal for a try from Niel (5-0). On the scoreboard, only forty seconds had passed…

There are worse scenarios to start a match. But it wasn't going to be that simple later. Victims of some problems on the sidelines, the Sétois also had to deal with a playful Marseille team. And after resisting successive waves in their camp, they ended up conceding a penalty (5-3).

The difference is made at the end of the match

The break came with a score of 8-6 and, upon returning from the locker room, the Sétois showed superiority up front. Unfortunately, this did not materialize in the score, as the kicking game was sometimes lacking. We then had to wait until the hour mark to finally see an offensive highlight concluded by a penalty from Zaragoza (64th).

SMUC began to pay for the efforts made and RCSète, by causing a foul within 22 meters, widened a sufficient gap five minutes from the end (14-6).

The Marseille try scored at the last minute changed nothing, the Sétois held on to a victory which will certainly weigh when the reckoning comes.

The technical sheet

► RC Sète…………………………14
► S. Marseille UC……….13

Bayrou Stadium.
Half time: 8-6.
Referee: M. Reynaud

For Sète: 1 try from Niel (1st), 3 penalties from Zaragoza (31st, 64th, 74th).

For Marseille: 1 try from Lemaire (80th), 1 conversion from Selmi Étienne, 2 penalties from Selmi Étienne (18th, 34th).

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