Rugby union: between emotion and decompression, RC Sète draws the curtain on the season

Rugby union: between emotion and decompression, RC Sète draws the curtain on the season

Toute la famille du RC Sète s’est réunie avant la rencontre pour honorer la mémoire d’Yves Kerbiguet. MIDI LIBRE – Jérôme Belluire

De ce dernier match, sans enjeu (21-23), on retiendra l’hommage rendu à Yves Kerbiguet.

A match that will not be remembered, to complete a season to forget… This Sunday, the Fédérale 3 season ended for RC Sète and its opponent from the Vallée du Gapeau . For the first ones, the maintenance was acquired a week ago with the success in Jacou. For the latter, the story had already been heard and it will continue at the regional level. But it was the relegated who clearly wanted to leave the stage with honors.


Despite three tries scored, RC Sète had to lay down their arms against a valiant opponent. « We wonder why they are going down », declared President Jean-Luc Fabre at the end of the meeting.« They will do damage in Honor… As for us, I think we played with such pressure last Sunday in Jacou, for this match which was crucial for maintaining, that we paid for it. Unconsciously, there was decompression. We are paying for this entire difficult season, with physical and psychological relaxation. »


We should therefore especially remember, from this last day, the vibrant tribute paid to co-president Yves Kerbiguet, who died on February 12. His family, his loved ones and the entire club through its players and managers, gathered before the kick-off, with his portrait in the distance coming to keep Jean-Pascal Aigoin company on the stadium grounds. Bayrou. « We regret this defeat », concludes Jean-Luc Fabre. « We really would have liked to give Yves a victory… But, sportingly, I believe that everything we could give, we gave it a week earlier. »

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