Rugby: “We have to bounce back immediately”, says Baptiste Majorel, the Millau coach, before facing Pézenas

Rugby: “We have to bounce back immediately”, says Baptiste Majorel, the Millau coach, before facing Pézenas

Baptiste Majorel, entraîneur de Millau, attend une réaction de son équipe. Centre Presse – Jean-Louis Bories

Après le nul contre Leucate (35-35, dimanche 25 février), l’entraîneur de Millau espère une réaction de ses joueurs, dimanche 3 mars à 15h15, afin de rester dans la course aux premières places.

How do you analyze the poor performance of the last match ?

We came out full of confidence from our victory at Castanet (42-12, a week earlier, Editor's note). Against Leucate, we played a match with 35 full and positive minutes, during which we really put ourselves at our level to lead 32-6. Then, we made a mistake with the management of the game, we lost confidence and Leucate, by bringing in experienced players, undermined us. We were unable to pull together, remobilize collectively, and we left them with the hope of coming back, which they did. It’s very, very frustrating actually. You have to move on and bounce back immediately.

What can you tell us about Pézenas, your next opponent ?

We are going to meet a team in difficulty this season even though it had displayed some ambitions. This formation plays the game and hangs on every Sunday. We know full well that this will not be an easy match for us. In addition, it’s always a special match against them, because many players from both camps know each other. But we will focus on us, on the state of mind and the content that we must offer.

How do you rate your season at this current stage ?

The results are positive, we are at 75% victories in our matches. away, we are one of the two best teams, but there is a small downside at home with lost points. We are not far from the first two directly qualifying places. But I expect all the matches to be tight, because all teams have something to play for, except LSA.

What is the objective for the end of the season ? Is the rise possible and have you discussed it among yourselves and with the leaders ?

We are going to have a small change in the management of the club. Two projects were mentioned, including one if we eventually move up to Federal 1. With the players, we didn't mention it at all. We have a group that likes each other but which will be at the end of the cycle with planned stops. We will set specific goals as we go along, but the goal is obviously to play together for as long as possible.

You were involved in setting up the Millavine training a few years ago and you still follow it closely. What state is she in ?

I was lucky enough to arrive at this club with a rugby school that was dense and quality. It’s a collective effort, we all put our touch into helping the young players continue to progress. I just made my contribution with educators who do a fantastic job and it’s a joy and a pleasure to see the players arrive as competitive seniors. Millavoise training can be highlighted, it’s a real club project.

Where will you be next season ?

Joker. I want to focus on this end of the season and make the group progress to play as long as possible. The rest, we'll see later.

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