Ruined lives: the brother of Meghan Markle jumped on the Duchess of accusations

Half-brother made a loud statement

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Испортила жизнь: брат Меган Маркл накинулся на герцогиню с обвинениями

Meghan Markle

The marriage of Prince Harry and Megan mark, as it turned out, was not all joyous event. Half-brother of the Duchess of Sussex, may 6, which gave birth to first child, said that sister completely ruined his life.

Also recently Meghan Markle was left without a babysitter. Details in video:

According to Thomas Markle, Jr., Royal wedding Meghan Markle was the cause of all his failures, because sudden fame ex-actress drew undue attention to their family. And now a man and step can step without close surveillance of the press.

“It’s hard to take, especially considering that I never asked for this,” said Markle Sun Online.

Besides, the man recently wanted to change jobs because of health problems, but in reply heard only rejection. Because no employer wanted to hire the person who is associated with the controversial celebrity.

Испортила жизнь: брат Меган Маркл накинулся на герцогиню с обвинениями

Thomas Markle Jr.

And after it happened another trouble – Thomas along with his fiancee were evicted from the house, and find a new home they are unable for the same reason – excessive glory.

“It is the lowest point of my life,” said Thomas.

In fact, the brother of Meghan Markle himself created such conditions, because as soon as the nurse became the most discussed person in the world, he tried to attract attention, went on talk shows and make money on the relationship with the Duchess.

Recall that Megan Makri is often at the center of scandals because of his past and the people who once surrounded before the wedding with Prince Harry.

Recently her nephew on my father’s side was Blowing Tyler caught in a scandal, what spoiled the mood of his half-aunt on the eve of giving birth.

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