Rules to be respected to the letter

Des règles à respecter à la lettre

Like the other major sports have resumed their activities, major league baseball had set strict health rules. The players of the New York Yankees and the Nationals, Washington had to make concessions on Thursday evening at Nationals Park. The good old ways no longer applied.

With the exception of a few small missteps, the players have all respected the instructions. Among those for which it was more difficult to comply with : the celebrations and the claps in the hands after a good game. The players the Nationals have welcomed Adam Eaton in the shelter with the hand or fist after his homerun in the first inning.

However, even if the rules do not require players to wear the mask in the shelter, several have decided to cover their face. The coach of the Nats, Dave Martinez, wore it.

In addition, the chewing gum had replaced the chews of tobacco and sunflower seeds, which are no longer allowed on the field. Players must avoid spitting on the playing surface and try to respect the distance.

In the heat of the action, the traditional exchange of the ball between the players in the infield after a withdrawal is no longer accepted as a preventive measure.

Even after a game in which several players touched the ball, it was immediately withdrawn from circulation.

According to the protocol put in place by major league baseball, each of the players on the field had to wash or sanitize their hands in each half of the sleeve.

The players that were not included in the initial training had to keep their distance and use a towel if they wanted to rely on the closing of the shelter.

Here are other health rules put in place :

  • To avoid the licking of fingers, the launcher is invited to hang a damp cloth on the mound.
  • The player in the circle queue should use its own preparation materials.
  • Ending a round, the player must pick up the equipment in the shelter. A teammate can’t bring him on the field.
  • There are a number of players limited in the shelter.
  • The instructors on the cushions (1st and 3rd) must remain in the rectangle.
  • Only two recipients are allowed in the fenced area of the levator.
  • The players are not required to wear a mask on the ground, in the shelter and in the enclosure of the levator. However, they must wear the mask in the in-house facilities team.
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