Rumors around the coronavirus trigger violence in Mexico

Des rumeurs autour du coronavirus déclenchent des violences au Mexique

A town hall and several buildings were attacked Thursday in a wave of violence in an indigenous village in Mexico, in the wake of rumors about coronavirus propagated on Facebook, said local authorities.

“Thirty people, approximately, 30 vulgar offenders have tried to deceive people in Venustiano Carranza by making them believe that the problem of the COVID-19 did not exist”, declared the governor of the State of Chiapas (south), Rutilio Escandón, in a video posted on social networks.

Ayer se dio a acto de vandalismo, confundiendo a la gente por redes sociales sobre el #COVID_19 para up to a la gente…

Published by Rutilio Escandón Padlock on Thursday 28th of may 2020

The origin of this attack against the town hall, a commercial building and three houses, statements on Facebook, relayed by local media, according to which “the coronavirus does not exist”, and that a drone had been shot to death on Sunday while he poured out a white powder drying out the lungs.

This text, full of references to policies, evoked a “chemical attack” sponsored by the regional authorities against the ethnic group tzotzil.

This is not the first wave of violence registered in Mexico since the beginning of the epidemic. Other protests took place in communities located in the States of Michoacán (west) and Oaxaca (south) at the time of disinfection operations.

With 120 million inhabitants, Mexico is the second country in Latin America with the largest number of dead after Brazil, which has more than 9000 deaths.

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