Run away love

Fuir par amour

With this third novel, that shows how fate can sometimes be ungrateful, the French journalist and writer Michel Moutot risk to beat many hearts.

In past centuries, it has not always been easy to love. Without having to go up to the tragic love of Heloise and Abelard, Michel Moutot provides us with one excellent example.

After we have uncovered the dangerous world of the builders of skyscrapers (with steel Sky) or we have offered a crazy odyssey to go make a fortune in California (with Redwood trees), Michel Moutot, in effect, has had the desire to train ourselves in Sicily at the beginning of the Twentieth century. Where it will not be long in making the acquaintance of Ana Fontarossa, the daughter of the most important fontaniero of the city of Trapani. Controlling the distribution of water supplies and calling in back up to 30 % of the crop, the sieur Fontarossa is also one of the most powerful men in all of western Sicily. A “detail” which Vittorio Bevilacqua should have been given before they fall madly in love with the beautiful Ana…

Catch us if you can

Being only a simple fisherman living in Marettimo, the island, the least rich of the Egadi, Vittorio had from the outset no chance of pleasing the father of Ana. So, when the latter learned that the same flea-ridden dared to lay his hands on his beloved daughter, the sanction will not be long to fall : Vittorio needs to be taken down, and fast.

But what ought to happen will not happen, as Vittorio will escape narrowly from the jaws of its killer. A good new ? Not that much, because it will immediately manage to escape to America without anything, not even his tender Ana.

A beautiful novel, impossible to put down.

Thrills guaranteed

The epidemic

The epidemic that is in question here has absolutely nothing to do with the COVID-19. A chance, because we would have probably removed any desire to read this novel, the first of the Swedish Åsa Ericsdotter to have been translated into French. But if the story it tells is totally devoid of coronavirus, it is no less terrible for all that. Judge for yourself.

Elected head of Sweden for almost four years, prime minister Johan Svärg has decided to eliminate its country-what rhymes with obesity. And in order to achieve this, it has put in place a program that Hitler himself would have easily been able to conceive : conversion of churches into gyms, obligation to the sport, the classes “special” reserved for the overweight children, grant of bariatric surgeries and at any time, propaganda hyper-grossophobe.

While it is within a hair of losing his job of university researcher (prohibition to exercise a profession in the public sector if it has an index of fat mass and muscle greater than 42), Landon Thomson-Jaeger will realize little by little that Johan Svärg and his Party of the health care could soon go even further.

A dystopia with twists and turns horrifying who, without wanting to make bad puns, is worth the detour.



John Williams, Editions Head first, 384 pages

In 1973, it is the novel that has been crowned with the prestigious National Book Award. In other words, he had to wait almost 50 years to finally be able to read the translation. But better late than never, because the story is more than interesting : when his great-uncle Julius Caesar will be murdered, the young Octavian must learn at all costs, to lead the roman Empire. Which, of course, will not be without alliances and without murders.

My father

Grégoire Delacourt, published The paperback, 200 pages

Like many kids of his age, Benjamin has been spending a few days holiday in a colony. But when he went back there, it will not be really the same as before. Because of a priest who, in all likelihood, would have behaved towards him in a manner very little catholic. A terrible story that the writer Grégoire Delacourt wanted to tell for a long time.

Green plants

Mélanie Grégoire, Editions of Man, 256 pages

Everyone is not fortunate enough to have a courtyard or a small garden area, this book offers an excellent alternative : to fill his house plants. And all the world who did not necessarily have the green thumb, he also explains how to grow just about anything : ferns, cactus, succulents, flowering plants, etc, A tool that already can not happen.

Le grand livre Marabout de la cuisine green

Collective, Editions Marabout, 480 pages

After the green plants, the kitchen green ! On the menu ? A very wide variety of juices, tonics and smoothies (mango-almond, orange-red fruit, banana-papaya, etc), all kinds of lunches health (muesli maison, muffins, coconut-vanilla, etc) and full of dishes végés or with meat that actually put the water to the mouth (falafels with cauliflower, tart tomato and goat cheese, burger, turkey salad, etc). A blow of heart.

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