Runaways season 3 : what does it mean to the cliffhanger of the end of the series ? The creators explain

Runaways saison 3 : que veut dire le cliffhanger de la fin de la série ? Les créateurs s'expliquent

Runaways season 3 : the cliffhanger of the end of the series explained by the creators

Season 3 of Runaways, recently put online on Hulu in the USA, is the last of the series. Yet, as we can discover, the final episode ends with a cliffhanger. Why ? A season 4 is coming ? The creators have responded to the questions. Attention spoilers.

A cliffhanger that queries

On the 13th of last December, Hulu – platform SVOD, has put online the entire season 3 of Runaways, which was also the last of the series. 10 episodes is as intense and surprising, which have enabled the creators to conclude the series as they pleased with the victory of the team of Morgan and the return to life of Gert.

However, if the end of the series has been something of a happy ending, it was also marked by a cliffhanger is unexpected. In the final minutes of the last episode, Alex has indeed found a note left by a version evil of himself from the future, asking him simply “to infiltrate Wilder Innovators, to hide Mancha and kill Nico“.

A double-end logic

What to understand that the series is finally complete ? She will soon be rescued by another channel / platform ? Yes and no. No, because there is no hope (currently) to see Runaways be recovered, but yes, because through this scene, the creators did get the message that they had other ideas for a sequel.

We imagined a final that can take on two meanings [a conclusion and an open door, ed.], simply because we felt that we would not have the fate of the series before the end of the productionhas, in particular, entrusted Stephanie Savage to EW, hinting that they were preparing, without too much believe in, to a season 4.

The fans do the rest

Remarks confirmed by Josh Schwartz, who has philosophized on the situation by stating : “We wanted an ending that showed the potential for another history, that it is visible on the screen or that this is something that can live in the imagination of the fans“. Basically, through this sequence, the creators wished to offer a small bonus gift to the fans so that they continue to enjoy the series despite her absence.

Stephanie Savage has said, “the most important thing was that the public felt that this group was close-knit, like a family. And if fans thought that the adventures of this band were behind it, they were wrong and that there will always be more to come“.

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