Ruslan told why MELOVIN received such a low evaluation of the jury (photo)

Руслана рассказала, почему MELOVIN получил такие низкие оценки жюри (фото)

The first Ukrainian winner of the Eurovision returned from Lisbon, where the competition presented their new show. In an interview with “FACTS,” the singer told about how surprised the Europeans and why our representative MELOVIN received high scores from television viewers and remained unappreciated by the professional jury.

— Ruslan, for the second year in a row you make a premiere in the framework of the “Eurovision”. Show in the Central square of Lisbon, Praça do Comércio gathered about 35 thousand spectators. How did you do it?

— Our cooperation with the organizers of “Eurovision” and the mutual for a long time, — tells Ruslan. Together we develop a lot of different events in the competition. I was and probably remain the biggest experimenter. Offer innovative schemes in the campaigns of the participants and winners of the contest. We always throws up fresh ideas, try to make the competition interesting for the fans, so they not only watched the show or had cocktails in clubs.

This year we offered to show our new project. Together with the municipality of Lisbon, Portuguese national TV channel that aired the contest, presented their show. Ukraine in the competition are very interested, even with my victory. And in Portugal to us a special sympathy, especially after the victory of El Salvador Gathered last year in Kiev. In Lisbon many of our compatriots. Ruslana’s visit was a real treat. Fans from different countries flooded the entire area for up to 35 thousand people. Many were embroidered, with national flags. Fans launched a 9-meter Ukrainian flag. It was like on the Maidan. The energy was off the charts! In the end we chanted “Glory to Ukraine!” and the crowd and we answered “to Heroes glory!” It got live.

Руслана рассказала, почему MELOVIN получил такие низкие оценки жюри (фото)

— What surprised the fans?

— I suggested the “Eurovision” and its fans a new mission — pure energy: that means to use the energy of the sun and the wind, that is each country. It is a resource for which the country will not fight and kill citizens. No one will take away land like our Donbass and the Crimea, no one will blackmail Europe with gas. New energy allows you to keep the peace on Earth and to make it clean. And the music makes our hearts clean. Through music I want to bring people to it.

Руслана рассказала, почему MELOVIN получил такие низкие оценки жюри (фото)

Especially for the show in Lisbon has prepared a new material, a new outfit resembling the costume of the Amazon. Along with me came on the scene of the famous Ukrainian violinist Vasyl popadiuk. With him we organized a Hutsul battles, I played on the dulcimer, then punched on the spit, the drums… In General, made it a powerful music Ukrainian Sabbath.

Руслана рассказала, почему MELOVIN получил такие низкие оценки жюри (фото)

— Willing once again to risk and to fight for the victory on “Eurovision”?

— With great pleasure! I like to experiment. And told Sasha (her husband Alexander Ksenofontov. — Ed.) about it, but he said that only over his dead body. As soon as I have suitable material based on the national exotic with innovative ideas in music and deep meaning, be sure to submit it to the contest. I’m really working on it.

— How do you assess the winner of the competition netto?

— She really was the most shocking and original. In addition, she has beautiful vocals. On the stage she has rivanola in full by selecting an interesting form of presenting the songs. It was such a winning comic. From the beginning I was confident in her victory. Cyprus had not even considered. Because Elena is very reminiscent of beyoncé. The public is not surprise, you need to look for something new, otherwise you will not be interesting.

Salvador Gathered quite negatively expressed in the address of Netty, calling her number unmusical, don’t you think?

— Netta — very musical and professional artist. She just chose outrageous form of presentation, and was organic in it. She didn’t try to copy someone, to be fashionable, to follow the formats were just you. In addition, she has gained the majority of votes. It means that people liked. And now to discuss: the winners are not judged.

Our MELOVIN’and the audience too well voted, but the jury, with the exception of two countries, put zeros. How is it possible to explain?

— The audience vote for the emotion get three minutes of the speech of the artist. The jury is professionals who put forward more stringent requirements. And no need to invent myths about world conspiracies, some revenge Ukraine. This is all nonsense.

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In fact, the organizers of “Eurovision” do not like and are afraid of political contexts. How to bribe a jury of all countries? It’s like they need to push? If such a fact was, it popped and sparked an incredible instant scandal and subsequent suspensions. Eurovision democratic and open competition. Just at this time was that the trend, high-quality vocal project is not enough. So MELOVIN’and assessments.

Ukraine, though not so long ago, but very well represented at the competition. And our with Jamala victory has set the bar high. Representatives from Ukraine are always waiting for more. Therefore, a good performance at the competition — not a guarantee of result.

Why didn’t MELOVIN’have in order to get the highest marks?

— It is important to be not just a good artist that the public likes. Very important are the originality, identity, the national element in music, which you can determine what country is the artist. Think we have great candidates like Tonya Matvienko, Christina Solovey… you Should always go its own way, and then it will bring victory.

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