Russia accuses Ukraine and the West of threatening its security

Russia accuses Ukraine and the West of threatening its security

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Russia on Tuesday accused Ukraine and the West of threatening its security and stressed that there were “red lines” not to be crossed, at the height of tensions around Ukraine which expressed fears of a Russian invasion.

Speaking at an investor forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin raised the issue of Russian troops deployed on the Ukrainian border which are causing a sharp stir concern in the West.

Asked about Moscow's intentions, Mr & nbsp; Putin assured that “it is not a question of intervening or not, of carrying out or not fighting. It's about mending ties “with Kiev, the lowest since 2014, he said.

“If we sincerely strive to achieve this, then no one will feel threatened,” the Russian president continued.

The remarks come as Ukraine on Monday called on its Western allies to “act” quickly to dissuade Russia from any invasion, an intention which the Kremlin defends itself.

Russia for its part accuses the West and NATO of carrying out military exercises near its borders and in Kiev for wanting to acquire Western armaments. & nbsp;

The current spike in tensions between Moscow and Kiev is reminiscent of a previous crisis in April, when Russia deployed tens of thousands of troops to Ukraine's borders for “military exercises” in response to “threatening” NATO activities./p>

After weeks of tensions, Moscow had finally recalled its troops.

More categorical than Mr & nbsp; Putin, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday denounced the “direct threat Which Ukraine represents.

“We cannot rule out that the Kiev regime may embark on a military adventure,” Lavrov ruled at a press conference.

“If the West is not capable of dissuading Ukraine, but if on the contrary it tries to encourage it, then we will take all necessary measures to ensure our security, ”he stressed.

Russia and Ukraine have been at daggers drawn since pro-Western power came to power in Kiev in 2014, followed by the annexation of Crimea and a conflict in the East between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists.


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