Russia accuses Westerners of 'destabilizing' G20 summit

Russia accuses Westerners of 'destabilizing' G20 summit


Russia on Saturday accused the West of having “destabilized” the G20 Finance Summit in India by trying to “blackmail” a passage on Ukraine into the joint communiqué, which does not did not take place due to discrepancies. 

“We regret that the activities of the G20 continue to be destabilized by the collective West and used in an anti-Russian and purely confrontational manner,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

According Moscow, the US, the EU and the G7 'disrupted the adoption of collective decisions' by trying to impose a 'diktat' via 'clear blackmail' to have their interpretation of the conflict in Ukraine included in the press release common.

The ministry accused Washington and its allies of issuing “ultimatums” to “many delegations”.

“We urge the collective West to renounce its destructive policy as soon as possible, to realize the objective realities of a multipolar world,” continued Russian diplomacy.

“The G20 must remain an economic forum rather than encroaching on the sphere of security,” he added.

Meeting since Friday in Bangalore, the technological capital of India, the G20 Finance was trying to agree on solutions to the challenges posed by the global economy, in a context of conflict in Ukraine and rising inflation.

India, which holds the presidency of the G20, published on Saturday at the the outcome of the meetings a “summary” of the discussions, but no joint communiqué.

According to this document, “most members strongly condemned” the Russian offensive in Ukraine”, but with “different assessments of the situation and sanctions”.

An annotation specifies that within the G20, only China and Russia have not approved two paragraphs about Ukraine.