Russia: an oil depot on fire after a strike on a border region of Ukraine

Russia: Oil depot on fire after strike on a border region of Ukraine


A strike hit an oil depot on Saturday which caught fire in the Russian region of Belgorod, bordering Ukraine, local officials said, with shootings increasing in recent days in this area.< /strong> 

“Another bombardment at home. One of the projectiles hit an oil depot,” regional governor Viatcheslav Gladkov said on his Telegram account. He posted a photo showing heavy black smoke billowing from a burning structure.

According to him, rescuers are currently trying to put out the fire. “There is no risk of spread,” Mr. Gladkov assured.

Russia: oil depot on fire after strike on border region of Ukraine

< p>Russia: Oil depot on fire after strike on road ;border region of Ukraine

State news agency TASS, citing an unnamed relief source, said the depot was located in the locality of Razoumnoye-71, near the city of Belgorod, capital of the eponymous region.

Russia denounced last week a “considerable increase” in Ukrainian fire on several Russian border regions, including that of Belgorod, but also that of Kursk and Briansk.

On Friday, an electricity station located in the Belgorod city, previously rarely hit by fire, caught fire after a strike from Ukraine, causing a power outage, according to the governor.

The latter also reported on Friday a bombardment on a village in the region and light damage to local railway infrastructure caused, according to the governor, by the remains of Ukrainian missiles shot down by the Russian army.

Thursday, a Ukrainian strike had already blown up an ammunition depot in the Belgorod region. On the same day, a shot ripped open the top floor of a residential building in the city of the same name, without causing any casualties.

A first power outage also occurred on Tuesday after a Ukrainian strike on a substation in the town of Chebekino, in the same region. And, on Monday, a 74-year-old woman was killed in a bombardment on this locality.