Russia has blocked Viber

В России заблокировали Viber

The administration of the popular messenger Viber announced that users in Russia are experiencing problems when connecting to the service. Figuring out the causes, representatives Viber found that in Russia some operators have blocked access to a number of servers including those that use Viber.

At this stage we do not understand the reasons for this decision. Again: Viber users suffer from decisions that are not directly associated with the Viber. We are working on fixing this problem and will keep you informed, “promised the representatives of Viber.

The website Down Detector that monitors failures in the operation of popular Internet services, reports that problems with access experienced by the residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major Russian cities.

В России заблокировали Viber

We will remind, earlier in Russia warned that after the Telegram can block another popular messenger/

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