Russia: “numerous” nighttime drone attacks reported in the Belgorod region

Russia: “numerous” nighttime drone attacks reported in the region of Belgorod


“Numerous” drone attacks targeted the Russian region of Belgorod overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday, announced the governor of this territory shaken by a recent incursion by armed groups from Ukraine.< /strong> 

“The night was not really quiet. There have been numerous drone attacks. The anti-aircraft defense took care of many of them,” Vyacheslav Gladkov said on Telegram.

He said the attacks damaged vehicles, houses and public buildings in the area. , but without causing any casualties.

In the Graivoron district, a gas pipe was hit, according to Vyacheslav Gladkov. “A small fire is in progress,” he added, adding that the authorities were on the spot and that the causes of the incident were being established.

Nine civilians injured during the incursion are still hospitalized, including three in intensive care, according to Mr. Gladkov.

More than 550 civilians who fled the district of Graivoron because of the fighting are currently in centers of temporary accommodation, he said.

“As soon as the security forces have finished clearing the territory and given their consent, I hope you can return to your homes (…) Yesterday , it was still dangerous”, continued Mr. Gladkov to the attention of his constituents.

On Tuesday, the Russian army had affirmed to have “crushed” with its aviation and its artillery the group having attacked the day before the region, the most spectacular incursion into Russian territory since the beginning of the conflict.

According to the Russian authorities, a civilian was killed in the village of Kozinka, one of the localities attacked, and a wife died of heart failure while being evacuated.

The incursion was claimed by Russian armed groups based in Ukraine wanting to overthrow Russian President Vladimir Putin.