Russia: raids aimed at opponents of the power

Russie: des perquisitions visant des détracteurs du pouvoir

MOSCOW | A series of raids were targeted on Thursday morning in Moscow, a municipal councillor of opposition and of organizations critical of power in Russia.

The member of parliament for a district of Moscow, Yulia Galiamina, very active in the campaign for the “No” to the constitutional reform Vladimir Putin, announced on the social networks, a search took place at his home, while she was not there.

“There is only my son. He did not want to open, but the police threatened to break the door”, she wrote on Facebook, adding later that her lawyer had not been allowed to return.

Searches have also referred to an editor-in-chief of the media MBkh and two leaders of the united opposition “Russia Open”, the oligarch-in-exile Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

According to Konstantin Fomin spokesman “Russia Open”, these police actions are formally related to the case of former oil company Yukos from 2003 that has led to Mr Khodorkovsky ten years of incarceration.

The campaign for the “No” said in a press release that the folder Yukos could be a pretext and that the real reason could well be the event scheduled for July 15, ( … ), to denounce” the constitutional reform adopted on July 1, allowing Vladimir Putin to stay in theory in power until 2036.

Wednesday, in the framework of another case, the activist anti-Kremlin Pyotr Verzilov, imprisoned for ten days in late June for “obscenities”, had already been arrested. Searches took place at home, at the home of her mother, and a friend of the activist, stating on Twitter be up to eight searches the aimed since 21 June.

According to the Russian media, a procedure has been opened, because it has not notified the authorities of his dual nationality, the activist also having a canadian passport.

Critics of the Kremlin have denounced in recent months the resurgence of pressures on the authorities against critical voices.

On Monday, a journalist from Pskov (north-west) has been ordered to pay a fine for “justification of terrorism” and the arrest for “treason” on Tuesday, a former journalist specialising in defence matters, Ivan Safronov, has caused an outcry from his former colleagues.

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