Russia : two times more deaths on the COVID-19 in may as announced

Russie : deux fois plus de morts du COVID-19 en mai qu’annoncé

Moscow | official figures released on Friday by the Russian agency of statistics reported the death of at least 7444 people because of the sars coronavirus in may, more than two times more than the number so far announced by the authorities.

Russia is criticized for months for its official figures on deaths caused by the coronavirus substantially lower than those of other european countries.

If some suspect of manipulations, the authorities ensure that it is the result of a policy of screening massive and strong measures taken since the beginning of the epidemic.

According to the figures on a daily basis and made public by the authorities, 3633 people have died of the COVID-19 between 2 may and 1 June.

The agency of statistics of Rosstat, inter alia, provide the demographic data, was reported Friday, a number much higher over the same period : 7444 people whose virus is considered ” the main cause of death “.

In addition, 5008 other people infected with the coronavirus have died of other diseases, but to 1530 of them the virus has been the “catalyst” of their deaths, said Rosstat.

According to the agency, the number of people who died in Russia due to all causes amounted to 172 914 in may, more than 18 000 more than the same month last year. To the director of Rosstat, Pavel Malkov, the mortality rate has increased by 12% in may on a year.

The authorities had said to expect a “significant increase” in the mortality for the month of may.

Russia lists in the official death toll of the COVID-19 that the deaths where the primary cause is the coronavirus, after the autopsy, when other countries encompass almost all of the deaths of people tested positive.

Russia had Friday 713 936 cases of infection by the coronavirus, of which 11 017 have been fatal, according to official figures.

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