Russia: “Ukrainian” drone crashes near Moscow

Russia: “Ukrainian” drone crashes near Moscow


Russian authorities said Monday that a “Ukrainian” drone had crashed about fifty kilometers from Moscow, without causing any casualties or damage, in full fear of attacks in Russia a few days from large national holidays.

This is only the second such incident reported in the Moscow region since the start of the offensive in Ukraine in February 2022. Several drone attacks have hit other Russian regions, sometimes very far from the Ukrainian border.

“A Ukrainian-made drone crashed in the territory of the Bogorodsk municipal district”, about 50 km east of Moscow, where it was discovered by a local resident in a forest on Sunday, the official wrote on Telegram. from the district, Igor Sukhin.

An anonymous source within the emergency services told the Ria Novosti agency that the device, according to preliminary information, carried “no ammunition”. Another local source, quoted by the Interfax agency, affirmed for its part that it could have contained approximately 18 kilos of explosives.

In the wake of this incident, Mr. Soukhine announced the cancellation for “security” reasons of the parade and a concert that were planned in the Bogorodsk district on May 9, on the occasion of the commemorations of the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945.

“It's a difficult decision for us, but it has to be made. Safety is the most important thing today. And the victory is always in our hearts,” declared Igor Sukhine.

Several other Russian regions, notably those of Kursk and Belgorod, bordering Ukraine, as well as the annexed Crimea, have already decided to cancel parades on May 9 for the same reasons.

For its part, the main military parade in the country, on Red Square in Moscow, is for the time being maintained, indicated the door- word of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov. “Preparations for the parade are underway, it will take place. It will be an important, traditional event,” he told reporters on Monday.