Russia will be punished for the fake news, and contempt of authority

В России будут наказывать за фейковые новости и неуважение к власти

Putin signed a law on blocking the fake news and the punishment for insulting the authorities

For criticism of officials, deputies and the President – a fine or a prison. In Russia will now be punished for contempt of authority and the spread in the media false information. Under this description can get the news where the Russians go to the protests, writes the with reference for Today.

Insulted the Russian government on the Internet – pay a fine or go to jail. Vladimir Putin signed a law on blocking the fake news and the punishment for insulting the authorities.

Russian journalists called document direct censorship. Pavel Kanygin working almost the only independent Russian newspaper “Novaya Gazeta”. Not once cooked incriminating materials about the Kremlin and Russian officials. Now such news will fall under the surveillance of the Prosecutor General.

“Less and less media that can write, what I’m saying as truthful information. Now they will be forced to have to Dodge that would not fall under the blow of the repressive machine. This is certainly a new stage in the Russian press,” he says.

Under the new law, to remove undesirable for the authorities, the information media give one day. Otherwise the site will block. And can still impose a fine up to one million roubles or jailed for 15 days.

This is a demonstration of strength, – says Viktoriya Ivleva, who received a prestigious international award for reportage from Chernobyl, one of the few Russian journalists to support Ukraine, and criticizing the actions of the Kremlin.

“I think it’s such a reminder to people that the government here that the eye Tsarevo never sleeps, that it watches over all. So you know the story of the life of big brother. This kind of wildness of deputies of the state Duma with the aim, firstly, to appease the king, to show his allegiance, in vtoryh to show the society who’s the boss,” she says.

The introduction of such censorship is the logical consequence of isolation and worsening economic and social conditions in Russia, – says the political scientist Dmitry Oreshkin. In the state Duma believe that citizens should communicate only the information about the state of Affairs in the country, which the authorities think is right.

“In order to be perceived positively ‑ it is necessary that people perceive information from Rosstat. From the lips of the government officials. Where everything is good. This pre-Soviet model. And this is called the recovery of the information curtain. Or iron curtain”, – said the expert.

TV, radio and Newspapers under the act are not subject to. Because they have long controlled by the Kremlin – said the lawyer, mark Feigin. The law is directed first of all to the extent possible, to monitor the Internet a single platform, where Russians still can freely Express their thoughts.

“Millions of people are insulting the government, and in rough shape, people often Express. But after all it is impossible to judge. All impossible to prosecute. It is an electoral law. Will pull those authorities is interesting as an object of pressure. Either a random victim, to show by her example how not to behave, or it will be opponents of the government, the activists and the opposition,” he says.

Lawyer predicts: administrative offense will be turned-criminal. And then there is dissent put in prison, and for a long time.


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