Russia will pay for aggression against Ukraine

Россия заплатит за агрессию против Украины

The aggressor is forced to compensate in different ways – sanctions, expropriation of foreign property assets. Moscow will have to compensate for the losses that Ukraine has suffered as a result of Russian aggression, but this process will not be quick.

About it in interview “” has declared the Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Georgy Tuka

“Do not deceive neither yourself nor our people, telling that only calculate only the court – and the next day have it for you. This is not true. We must be realistic, honest with ourselves and citizens. Imagine a situation: 1944, who would have any dates to call, when Germany will compensate for the losses? But the fact is, it took place. The damages were paid”, he said.

When you do this, Tuck stressed that Moscow will oppose this process.

“Who said that Putin forever Russia in its present form is also eternal? I’m well aware that will provided a lot of resistance from both the Russian Federation and will be applied to international mechanisms involving different Pro-Russian political or international institutions for lobbying Russia’s interests in this matter. But it suggests that, first, this should not be done and, secondly, that it is impossible. I am convinced that it will be so, but when it happens, it depends on many external factors”, – said the Deputy Minister.

He also noted that the aggressor was forced to pay compensation in different ways – sanctions, expropriation of foreign property assets.

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