Russian attack: Ukrainian influencers make a big mistake

Russian attack: Ukrainian influencers make a big mistake


Four Ukrainian influencers were visited by inspectors who suspected them of having shared videos of air defense systems during a Russian attack in Kyiv on May 16. 

The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) suspects four residents of the Ukrainian capital, including influencer Inna Voronova, of helping the Russians obtain inside information.

< p>Voronova, wife of a notorious Ukrainian drug trafficker, however, deleted her video after realizing her mistake. The next day, she apologized to her subscribers for her gesture.

According to Ukrayinska Pravda, the intelligence services collected evidence confirming the activities of the four ladies.

These were filming the air defense systems and posted the videos on Instagram and Telegram social networks.

Daria Semenchenko, who was briefly questioned by investigators, even sent a video to the administrator of an account followed by many Russians.

Shortly after, the short excerpt was relayed on pro-Russian Telegram accounts, which could have put the work of Ukrainian soldiers busy with the Patriot anti-aircraft system at risk.

Other investigations are underway to nab potential suspects who may have relayed sensitive information on the evening of the May 16 Russian drone and missile attack.

The four influencers risk up to eight years in prison if found guilty.

It is strictly forbidden to film and publish videos and photos relating to the activities of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, would like to remind the authorities.