Russian boxer Kudryashov won his next fight by knockout in the first round (video)

Російський боксер Кудряшов виграв свій черговий бій нокаутом у першому раунді (відео)

Alexander However did not last three minutes

Popular Russian Cruiserweight Dmitry Kudryashov (23-2, 23 KO’s) in the first round knocked out Romanian Alexander Zhura (17-2, 7 KO’s).

Slow the course of the fight, starting the exploration was interrupted right overhand from Kudryashov, Jura touched the head of his temple.

The Romanians fell to the floor, tried to rise, but collapsed again.

The referee slowly counted to 10 and fixed the victory of “Sledgehammer” by TKO in the first round.

Note that Kudryashov was a contender for the title of world champion in heavy weight (to 90.7 kg), but lost by knockout Kubuntu Unaru Dortches.

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