Russian shootings: power cuts “in most regions” of Ukraine, deplores Zelensky

Russian shootings: power cuts “in most cities regions” of Ukraine, laments Zelensky


“Most regions” of Ukraine are affected Thursday evening by power cuts after the new salvo of Russian fire which targeted the country's electrical infrastructure in the morning, deplored its President Volodymyr Zelensky. 

“Tonight there are power outages in most parts of Ukraine. It is especially difficult in the Kyiv region and in the capital itself, in the Lviv region, in Odessa, Kherson and around, in Vinnytsia and Transcarpathia,” he said in his daily address on social networks. .

According to him, “with each of these missile attacks, Russia is only sinking deeper into a stalemate.” 

“They have less and less fewer missiles,” he argued, without however giving precise figures.

On the eastern front, where the fighting is very violent, the “most critical” situation is observed around “Bakhmout and Soledar”, in the Donetsk region, also specified Mr. Zelensky.

Since the summer, the Russian army has been trying in vain to conquer the city of Bakhmout, which had more than 70,000 inhabitants before the war.

The Ukrainians are currently leading an offensive 70 km northeast of Bakhmout, towards Kreminna, hoping to retake this city which has fallen into the hands of the Russians.

“The enemy did not give up the crazy idea of ​​capturing the Donetsk region. Now they are setting themselves a goal: the New Year”, lamented Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday evening, two days before the transition to 2023.