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Russian strikes on Odessa do not hamper grain exports, Kremlin says

Russian strikes on Odessa do not hamper grain exports, say the Kremlin


The Russian strikes against the Ukrainian port of Odessa are not an obstacle to Ukrainian grain exports and the implementation of an agreement signed under the aegis of the UN, the Kremlin. 

The bombings “target military infrastructure only. It is not at all related to the infrastructure used for the implementation of the agreement on grain exports,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.  

< p>“That is why it cannot and should not interfere with the start of the loading process,” he added during his daily telephone briefing to the press.

The Russian military has on Saturday bombed the Ukrainian port of Odessa, vital for the Ukrainian grain trade.

These strikes took place the day after the signing of an agreement involving Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the to allow grain exports from Ukraine to reduce the risk of the global food crisis looming due to the Russian offensive. 

The agreement signed Friday in Istanbul provides for in particular the establishment of secure corridors to allow the circulation in the Black Sea of ​​merchant ships and the export of 20 to 25 million tonnes of blocked grain cereals in Ukraine.

90% of wheat, corn and sunflower exports from Ukraine were carried out by sea and mainly through Odessa, the main Ukrainian port in the Black Sea, which concentrated 60% of the country's port activity.

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