Ryan Reynolds offers$ 5,000 to find a plush toy fly

Ryan Reynolds offre 5000$ pour retrouver une peluche volée

VANCOUVER | actor Ryan Reynolds was offered$ 5,000 to find a stuffed toy stolen which contained the last words of the mother of its owner.

Vancouver has gazouillé Saturday that he wanted to help reunite this teddy bear “without question”, which was stolen the day before in his hometown and has infatuated on social networks.

Maria Soriano was moving the day before in the West End area when a friend came to help had a road accident, of no consequence.

She then panicked and rushed to the scene of the accident, dropping her backpack Herschel with his valuables, including an iPad, a Nintendo Switch, official documents and bear.

Her fiancé, who remained on the site, has not realized that she had not carried the bag with it.

But between the time it is a party and the one where he is out of the moving truck, that is, less than five minutes, the bag was gone.

“Every time [my mother] I was missing, I was embracing this bear and I listened to this recording”, which says “Mara, I love you, I’m so proud of you, I’ll always be with you”, she told Global News.

His mother died last year of cancer.

Other personalities have joined the quest for the teddy bear, which host George Stroumboulopoulos, who offered him also 5000$.

Sunday, Maria Soriano has had the assistance of two merchants, neighbors who have offered their tapes of the surveillance cameras where you can see the thief, without knowing it, since he was wearing a baseball cap and wore his head bowed.

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