“S dances with stars”: all of star participants and the dancers project

«Танці з зірками»: все о звездных участниках и танцорах проекта

Already on 26 August on channel “1+1” launched one of the most anticipated TV shows of fall “s Dances with stars”. In the new season increased the number of pairs will be 14, and live broadcasts — 10. The composition of judges remained unchanged choreographer Vlad Yama, prima ballerina Kateryna Kuhar and singer Dmitry Montik.

— I’m looking forward to a bright season, — told “FACTS” Vlad Yama. — Expect pairs of incredible transformations and crazy performances. I want to be surprised.

For the choreography this season, the answer is two professionals — Alain, Shoptenko (last season danced in a pair of Akhtem by Seitablaev) and renowned producer Andrew Wild. The shooting of the project will take place traditionally at one of the pavilions of the exhibition center, which is already ready scenery. Leading live broadcasts will be Yuri Gorbunov, co-host — Artem Gagarin.

The first officially declared by the party “s Dances with a stars” became Irakli Makatsaria. He is known in Ukraine as hero of the sixth season of “the Bachelor.” Irakli — 33-year-old successful businessman and film producer. Born and raised in Batumi, he received his secondary education in USA, higher education in the Caucasus school of business, majoring in marketing. Worked in the construction business, banking, fashion industry and advertising business. Irakli was a finalist of the Georgian version of “Dancing with the stars” amazed spectators with a passionate performance of Paso Doble together with your partnerska — Salome Chachua.

Maria Efrosinina — TV presenter that was popular in pair with Yuri Gorbunov in the project “Rise!” (“New channel”). The last time appears on the TV, mostly as a guest of various TV shows. Last fall, her project “surprise, Surprise!” (STB) showed low ratings and decided not to renew.

«Танці з зірками»: все о звездных участниках и танцорах проекта

Masha Efrosinina

Denis Berinchyk — 30-year-old Ukrainian professional boxer, silver medalist of the Olympic games 2012, silver medalist of world championship 2011, winner of the world title in the lightweight division. Denis is known for its spectacular performances in national costumes and on horseback. In the world ranking the Ukrainian boxer is the eighty-third.

«Танці з зірками»: все о звездных участниках и танцорах проекта

Denis Berinchyk

Anita Lutsenko — Ukrainian athlete, a professional coach, a renowned expert on weight loss. For a long time, Anita was an expert of the project “That mastep” (STB), and last season was his leading. Master of sports of the silver and European champion in sports aerobics preaches a healthy lifestyle, do not consume meat. Two years ago, Anita gave birth to daughter MIA and released the recommendations to restore the body after childbirth.

Pavel Zibrov — Ukrainian singer, composer, Director and artistic Director of the Theater songs of Paul Zibrova. In 1993 he received the title of honored artist of Ukraine, in 1996 — people’s artist of Ukraine. Speaking at the party not only as a singer but as a Dj under the name Zibrembo. Pavel Zibrov became the oldest participant in the project with a huge army of fans ready to support their favorite artist.

Igor Lastochkin — Ukrainian actor, entertainer, host of “Laugh comedian”, the captain of the team “Dnepr”, which became popular in the days of KVN. Igor is one of the permanent trainers of the comic project “the League of Laughter”. It is known that the actor lives in two cities — Kamenskoye, where his wife and son, and Kiev, often touring with the team “Dnepr” around the world.

«Танці з зірками»: все о звездных участниках и танцорах проекта

Igor Lastochkin

Thank Kaminska is a Ukrainian singer, the soloist of the group “Neangely”. Has a low female voice coloratura contralto. Slava is married to a plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky, she has two children — 4-year-old son Leonard and a 3-year old daughter Laura.

Pavel Vishnyakov — 35-year-old Belarusian and Ukrainian actor, star of TV series “Officer on call” (“2+2”), in which she played the main role of the charismatic police captain Artem Trofimov. Paul was born in Mogilev in Belarus, but has lived and worked in Kiev.

Michelle Andrade is a Ukrainian singer of Hispanic origin. Michelle was born in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba and moved to Kiev at age 13. Dad is Bolivian, mother — Ukrainian. In childhood professionally engaged in artistic gymnastics and volleyball. Michelle participated in the fourth season of the “X-factor”, made it to the top 24 participants. Then it was noticed by producer Alex Potapenko (Potapov), eventually offering cooperation.

Nikolay Tischenko , the Ukrainian restaurateur, master of sports in judo, who became famous thanks to television. Six years old, Nicholas was one of the trainers of the project “Masterchef”, and a year ago became a leading “Inspector”, succeeding Vadim Abramov.

«Танці з зірками»: все о звездных участниках и танцорах проекта

Zlata ognevich — Ukrainian singer, who represented Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest 2013 in malmö. With the song “Gravity” Zlata took third place. Last season “s Tancu with a stars” Ognevich has become one of the leading behind-the-scenes project.

Les nikitiuk Ukrainian TV presenter and a famous traveler. Together with a friend in 2011, she participated in the project “Laugh comedian”, having received an offer to work on television. Five years Les has been the leading travel show “heads and tails”. Now nikitiuk — partner Sergiy Prytula in the project “New channel” “Hto zverhu?”.

«Танці з зірками»: все о звездных участниках и танцорах проекта

Lesya Nikityuk

Oksana Marchenko — one of the most odious personalities of the project. Wife of the politician Viktor Medvedchuk — a famous TV presenter, became popular because of the projects “X-factor” and “Ukraine got talent”. Her appearance in “Dances with stars z” caused a storm of emotions, including among the employees of the news service TSN. Her staff appealed to the leadership channel, with an open letter in protest against the participation in the project “godfathers of Putin.” However, the management has assured that this decision is based only on the popularity of Marchenko from the audience.

Ruslan Senichkin — leading morning show “snidanok z 1+1”. In 2014 released debut book Ruslan Senichkin “Snance: Winter. Spring. Summer. One” with seasonal recipes. Then came: “Snance for kids” and “Snance in the garden.” Ruslan was the last who accepted the “call” to start a dance marathon. Its place in the project gave him the leading Valentine Jamaica, which is located in the last months of pregnancy.

Two weeks before the start of the project, star parties begin active preparations for the show. Before the first live broadcast remains the intrigue of who the professional dancers will be a pair of stars.

«Танці з зірками»: все о звездных участниках и танцорах проекта

Igor Kuzmenko — the winner of last season “s Tancu with a stars” paired with Natalia Mogilev. Titled dancer lives in Odessa, especially moving to Kiev at the time of the project.

Jack the cat — the Director and producer of the television show, judge dance competitions. Last season “s Tancu with a stars” Jack danced together with Nadia Dorofeeva and their Duo was called the most romantic. They became the darlings of the spectators, occupying second place.

Ilona Gvozdeva — in the last season he made a few actor Yuri Tkach. The Duo lasted until the middle of the project and received the title of “people’s favourites”.

«Танці з зірками»: все о звездных участниках и танцорах проекта

Ruslan Senichkin

Dmitry Zhuk — champion of Ukraine in ballroom dancing. One of the participants of the project “everybody Dance!”. Last season Dmitry showed his skill paired with singer Kamaliya.

Dmitry Chaplin — finalist in the American “s Dances with stars” and nominated for an Emmy award. Dmitry was born in Rostov-on-don, studied dance skill in the United States. Recent years, lives in Los Angeles, taking part in numerous television shows.

Nan is a DJ, actress, model and ex-member of vocal groups “NIKITA” and “ARMY”. Nan many years danced in the famous ballet “Todes”. On his page in Instagram under the name Anastasia Domination, Nana often excites the imagination of its users the wonders of stretch and branded with hot dancing.

«Танці з зірками»: все о звездных участниках и танцорах проекта


Yana Zaets — the master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics, superfinalists the sixth season of “everybody dances!”. Dance experience — ten years and favorite genre of dance — contemp.

Max Leonov — twice Vice-champion of Ukraine, Vice world champion in Latin according to the version of IDSA. In 2017 participated in the Georgian version of the show “dancing with the stars” as dancer and choreographer.

«Танці з зірками»: все о звездных участниках и танцорах проекта

Max Leonov

Katya Belyavskaya — choreographer, model, actress, designer, writer, versatile dancer: fluent in ballroom and contemporary choreography. Judge of international competitions in Ukraine, Latvia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Georgia, the Czech Republic. The choreographer is known for television projects. Worked with Jamala, Onuka and Otorvald.

Alexander Prokhorov and choreographer and model, she is a winner of competitions of sports ball dance party popular Christmas show “Salute to Vienna” in the United States. Ballet “D’arts Dance Project “. Worked with the top Ukrainian and Western stars.

Yulia sakhnevich — finalist of the European championship Latin ballroom dancing. Finalist of the popular dance projects, including “Dances with stars z” in 2011.

Maria Shmeleva — champion of Ukraine in ballroom dancing among young people, the Vice champion of Ukraine in the European program for adults. The participant of the open casting “Tanzu s with a stars”.

Maxim Ezhov two — time champion of Ukraine, champion of Azerbaijan, champion of Turkish sport-ballroom dances. The winner of the open casting of the project.

«Танці з зірками»: все о звездных участниках и танцорах проекта

Maxim Ezhov

Jan Cybulski, choreographer and actress. Worked with top Ukrainian singers, television awards, projects, the opening of Eurovision-2017 in Kiev.

«Танці з зірками»: все о звездных участниках и танцорах проекта

Jan Cybulski and Kate Belavska

Recall the famous Ukrainian Manzoor commented on the scandalous part of the participants of the popular show.

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