“S dances with stars”: the shocking MARUV will appear on the floor show

Singer took the baton and agreed to participate in the show

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"Танці з зірками": эпатажная MARUV появится на паркете шоу


Finally became known the names of new members show “Tantsi z with a stars”. Outrageous singer MARUV also became a member of the dance show.

Look, how was outrageous concert Maruv:

Note that the first #танціззіркамиchallenge from the magic of the discus thrower took Daniel in his video has intrigued fans, who is of Ukrainian artists could be next. In leading thoughts flashed images of dancing singers.

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Then it became known that the character of the explosive season rolled around to the singer MARUV, which was ready to take the baton and promised to meet on the floor.

Then the singer passed the baton to the next popular singer Poligraf Sharikoff, better known as Serge.

We will remind, this year it was decided to partially change the composition of the jury is MONATIK in the judgment seat will appear well-known choreographer Francisco Gomez. Today.Lifestyle have already shared interesting facts about the new member of the jury.

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