Saad Lamjarred trial: the Moroccan star contests any rape for the last time

Saad Lamjarred trial: Moroccan star challenges rape one last time


Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred, accused of raping a young woman in a hotel room on the sidelines of a concert scheduled for Paris in 2016, again firmly contested any sexual relationship during his last words at his trial. 

Saad Lamjarred advanced to the bar of the Paris Assize Court, black fleece on his back. “Can I speak in French?” asks the one who has only spoken in a mixture of Arabic and English since the opening of his trial on Monday.

“I tried during this hearing to express myself, to tell you the truth from the bottom of my heart, because absolutely, I did not do what I was accused of”, proclaims the pop star famous throughout the Arab world.

“I 'insist, Madam President,' adds the 37-year-old singer, his hands begging her to believe him. “I have never, ever penetrated Laura P.”

“Thanks for listening to me,” he concludes before going to sit down again, head bowed.

On the bench of civil parties, Laura P., 27, kept her head turned away, as every time Saad Lamjarred spoke during the trial.

The day before, the Advocate General had required 7 years in prison and 5 years ban on French territory against the singer, convinced that the rape was “established”.

The small courtroom remained almost empty for the latter words, the fifty or so onlookers and fans who came to attend were unable to return in time because of security checks in front of the door.

The court then retired to deliberate, and Saad Lamjarred taken to a guarded room within the grounds of the courthouse. The verdict is expected in the afternoon.