Sabine Oromi, candidate of the New Popular Front: “I am confident, I can be in the second round”

Sabine Oromi, candidate of the New Popular Front: "I am confident, I can be in the second round"

Le binôme Nouveau Front Populaire : la communiste Sabine Oromi et son suppléant le socialiste Vincent Poutier. C.B.

La communiste Sabine Oromi est candidate aux élections législatives des 30 juin et 7 juillet sur la troisième circonscription du Gard (Bagnols-Villeneuve-lès-Avignon). Son suppléant est le socialiste bagnolais Vincent Poutier.

"The people I meet in the field are worried: I come across young people of foreign origin who are afraid that we withdraws their nationality, and elderly people who fear seeing the extreme right govern the country". The communist candidate Sabine Oromi, in the race for the legislative elections of June 30 and July 7 in the 3rd constituency of Gard (Bagnols-Villeneuve) under the banner of the New Popular Front (NFP), declares it bluntly& ;nbsp;: "The RN (National Rally) is our political enemy. The others are adversaries".

Since the start of the electoral campaign, the Nîmoise of Bagnolais origin has noticed that "there are more supporters who are getting involved compared to 2022, they come to tow because there is concern".

"The policy of the RN is ultraliberal"

Sabine Oromi castigates "the economic policy of the RN. It is an ultraliberal policy with the objective of gradually privatizing public services: education, transport, public audiovisual, social security. People with low incomes who think they can be saved by the RN take the risk of suffering. she alerts.

As soon as the results of the European elections on June 9th, and the unprecedented scores of the RN, she did not hesitate to re-enlist. In 2022, the communist had already launched the legislative campaign in this same constituency, with what was then the Nupes (New Popular Ecological and Social Union), with the communist from Bagnols Elian Cellier as his substitute.

This time, the NFP decided to put a socialist at its side in the person of Vincent Poutier, former municipal councilor in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, who insists on the union of left-wing parties. "Locally, there is no division between PC, PS, LFI, or Europe Ecology the Greens. We have many supporters from local elected officials, the president of the Region, the Department…" they list. And even "that of the former delegate of Villeneuve-lès-Avignon of Renaissance (presidential majority) Florent Lemont who was previously in the socialist party& quot; recall the NFP candidates. Elected officials who, assures Sabine Oromi, "m’said that they had never met the RN deputy, she was not present in the field".

She obtained 20.66% of the votes in the first round of the legislative elections in 2022

Of the Bagnolais candidate Christian Baume (Horizons), Bagnolais deputy, Vincent Poutier considers that'"he may be the subject of a request for approval. a double sanction because he represents the party of government and local authorities who exasperate voters.

Sabine Oromi recalls that in the second round of the 2022 legislative elections, when she did not pass the first round, with 20.66% of the votes , she had "called to vote for Anthony Cellier (presidential majority candidate) in the second round, to block the RN, some people wanted it. This time, she says, "I'm confident, I can be&nbsp ;in the second round".

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