“Sad and hurt”: the pet Quarter 95 “buried” in Russia

"Обидно и больно": любимца Квартала 95 "похоронили" в России

“Matchmakers”, footage from the film

today, 11:13

In Russia reported about the funeral of the actor who played the title role in the TV series “Matchmakers”. Russian actor Fyodor Dobronravov, who played Ivan Bud’ko, one of the main characters in the TV series “Matchmakers”, was faced with another spreading rumors about his death.

According to the actor, it is not the first time buried. The news I insult and hurt him constantly to read it. According to Dobronravova, it’s not his statements or position in life, and the desire of journalists for sensationalism. The actor would rather fight the slander radical, punishing cheaters by law, according to Politeka.

"Обидно и больно": любимца Квартала 95 "похоронили" в России

“Matchmakers”, footage from the film

“I’m so tired of the lies. Well, how do I explain to my relatives that I alive and well? And if God forbid something really happens to them after the news about my alleged “admission” or PAH-PAH “death”? Who will be responsible? From all this shame and hurt,” says the actor. Fedor Dobronravov

The actor also commented on the rumors, stating that the series “Matchmakers” will be continued and an action it will not close, but simply transfer to Belarus. Also on the show will remain the main characters. In “Matchmakers” will be new characters, which should appeal to the audience.

"Обидно и больно": любимца Квартала 95 "похоронили" в России

“Matchmakers”, footage from the film

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