Sadek arrested after the attack on Bassem Braiki, he was placed in police custody

Sadek arrêté après l'agression de Bassem Braiki, il a été placé en garde à vue

Sadek arrested after the attack on Bassem Braiki, he was placed in police custody

What was supposed to happen came to pass. On Wednesday 12 February 2020, a day after that Sadek was violently attacked Bassem Braiki at the bottom of the home, the rapper has been arrested by the police in Bagnolet, Seine-Saint-Denis, and put in custody. A video of his arrest circulated on social networks.

“I’ll pay for it”. Such were the words held by the rapper Sadek, only a few hours after you have beaten the blogger Bassem Braiki, in the night of Monday 10 to Tuesday 11 February 2020. After having waited with several friends at the bottom of his building to Vénissseux, they threw themselves on him and have repeated blows of fists, feet, batons telescopic… sockets have also been found. A beating violent as the rapper has filmed, before sharing the video on social networks, where he also unveiled his bloodied hands.

Sadek arrested after the attack on Bassem Braiki

But this, this was just before I confess to not being proud of what he had done. “Know that what I’ve done, this is the big shit. Look, I’ll pay for that, I am totally aware. Do not take it as an example, this is shit.”, he said. It didn’t take a long time to wait for it to be arrested by the police. While an inquiry has been opened to violence with a weapon and in a meeting by the public prosecutor of Lyon on Tuesday, the rapper has been arrested at Bagnolet (Seine-Saint-Denis) and placed in police custody on Wednesday 12 February 2020 in the early afternoon.

The rapper had gone to the police

According to his lawyer Arié Alimi, he planned to surrender to authorities : “He was en route to my cabinet and you had to then go to the office”, he assured the AFP. Ready to take, “he has to recognize the facts, its mistake, but also the context”. A video of his arrest taken by passers-by who witnessed the scene, would have been spread on social networks. It is seen handcuffed and not opposing any resistance. As for the blogger, it would be out of the coma and was able to testify, according to his brother.

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