Sadek reacts after assaulting Bassem Braiki : “I’ll pay for it”

Sadek réagit après avoir agressé Bassem Braiki : "Je vais payer pour ça"

Bassem Braiki beaten by Sadek

“I’m going to pay for it.” After having violently beaten youtubeur Bassem Braiki at the bottom of his building to Vénisseux in the night of Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 February 2020, and have proudly displayed the pictures of this lynching, the rapper Sadek took the word on social networks and ensures not to be proud of what he has done.

If we waited for very long months that Booba and Kaaris settle their accounts on an octagon which will not ultimately, Sadek and Bassem Braiki, themselves, have no time to lose. The beginning of their flaws ? The youtubeur would be at the origin of the cancellation of the showcase Sadek scheduled for this weekend in Saint-Priest in the lyon area. Furious, the rapper allegedly threatened on social networks and asked him his address. He never would have had to give her…

Bassem Braiki violently beaten by Sadek

In the night of Monday 10 and Tuesday 11 February, Sadek and friends have waited for Bassem Braiki at the bottom of his building to Vénissseux to attack him physically. Batons, fists, feet… A video made by Sadek itself shows the violence of the lynching. Proud of him, he has even unveiled a picture of him with hands full of blood.

Sadek will “pay for it”

Yet, this morning, he was less than proud of. “Despite the events of this night, it will not too. It will not in the least because in real I am not proud of me.”, entrust Sadek on social networks : “I sold like a fool to the violence and hatred, because after a while, I couldn’t take more threats with weapons, it has brought me out of my entrenchments.”

He has a message for his “little brothers” : “you Know that’s what I did, this is the big shit. Look, I’ll pay for that, I am totally aware. Do not take it as an example, it is the shit. The best thing is to discuss, to succeed in getting along, the better it is to live together. However, I will fight always the racism, the threats, the denunciations”. He decided to go to the police ? Case to follow. Meanwhile, Bassem would have been driven to the emergency room.

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