“Sadism on the screen!”: in the Ukrainian film showed the scene of the drowning puppies, outrageous video

"Садизм на экране!": в украинском фильме показали сцену утопления щенков, возмутительное видео


today, 23:12

Ukrainian psychological drama “Lisa’s Story” disgraced because of animal abuse, which is shown in one of the episodes. The film, which was released on November 21, criticized the animal.

Public organization UAnimals at Facebook calls for the involvement of project authors to justice. It is noted that the film shows too realistic frame drowning small puppies.

“We welcome the development of Ukrainian cinema, however, recorded on video is the fact of cruel treatment of animals. The sponsors should be held accountable!” – written by animal rights activists.

"Садизм на экране!": в украинском фильме показали сцену утопления щенков, возмутительное видео

still from the film

Activists are preparing a statement about the crime and demand an explanation from the Director, scriptwriter and books of Alexander Rovny, as well as from the state of Ukraine, with the financial support of which this film was released.

“I have information that the video is real footage, and not graphics,” – said in the message.

Sadism on Cran: History LSI

Sadism on Ekran
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Geplaatst door UAnimals op Woensdag 27 november 2019

It should be clarified that the film is “Lisa’s Story” tells the love story of two couples – the usual and not quite. It shows how Express their feelings people with down syndrome.

Recall that parrots live in Kyiv supermarket “Epicenter” bring in boxes of cookies, wrapped in mesh.

As reported by the portal Znaia the animal pounced on the singer Ani Lorak new photos.

The portal also Znayu wrote that in Kiev unknown attackers announced the hunt for cats. On the streets scatter the poison hidden in the cat feed.

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