Saga Roger Waters: Pink Floyd singer re-records The Dark Side of the Moon album alone

Saga Roger Waters: Pink Floyd singer re-records The Dark Side album alone of the Moon


Pink Floyd bassist, songwriter and vocalist Roger Waters has decided to re-record the band's famous 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon, but without his former bandmates .  

The musician made the announcement in an exclusive interview for The Telegraph, explaining that there are “not enough people who recognized what it was, what I meant.”  

He revealed that he had been working on the new version of the album for several months, and that he had done it from scratch, without notifying the former members, such as David Gilmour or Nick Mason. 

“Let's stop with the 'we' bullshit. Of course, we were a group, there were four of us, we all contributed. But it's my project and I wrote it. That's it,” he added during the interview. Waters has claimed in the past to be the author of the concept for the album. Officially, he is credited with writing the lyrics, including composing three of his tracks and co-writing two others. 

In the interview, the musician did not spare his former colleagues by maintaining that they were not able to compose quality melodies: “Nick did not claim anything. But David and Rick [Wright]? They don't know how to write songs, they have nothing to say. They're not artists!» 

Besides Waters, the only other collaborator on this reissue would be multi-instrumentalist Gus Saunders, one of the few who had the chance to listen to the solo album « from beginning to end” first. 

Waters was rumored to perform a bass solo on the song “Us and Them,” and add lyrics to the original instrumentals to create poems. His voice on “Money” would also approach what Johnny Cash had achieved in his compilations released during the 2000s. 

Roger Waters would have planned a big release of this new album, which could prove complicated whereas David Gilmour and Nick Mason still have the name of the group. Gilmour and Waters have been feuding publicly for several years, and again this week.

As their flagship album, The Dark Side of the Moon, prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary, the hatchet between the two former companions is once again brandished. 

Polly Samson, l Gilmour's wife, posted a message on Twitter criticizing Roger Waters' comments on the war in Ukraine. “Unfortunately @rogerswaters you are antisemitic to the core. Also a Putin apologist and a liar, thief, hypocrite, tax avoider […], misogynist, megalomaniac. Enough of your nonsense,” she wrote. 

Very controversial in his political positions, Waters spoke before the United Nations Security Council and condemned the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, but also said it was “not without provocation”, shifting the blame to NATO. 

The musical work The Dark Side of the Moon, released in March 1973, is the third best-selling album in the world with more than 45 million copies. 

According to the daily newspaper The Telegraph, the updated version of the famous album will be released next May.&nbsp ;