Saguenay: 10 years in the penitentiary for a sex offender

Saguenay: 10 ans de pénitencier pour un agresseur sexuel

SAGUENAY – The court showed no mercy on Thursday for a man convicted of sexual assault causing bodily harm in the sector Kenogami in Saguenay: Jeremy Perron, 27, has been sentenced to 10 years in penitentiary.

“The whole family (of the victim) is satisfied that justice is done and be able to move on to other things”, summarized the director of criminal and penal prosecutions, Me Nicole Ouellet.

The victim, who was 17 years old during the events was not present at the sentencing, but his older sister and his father were there.

In July 2018, Perron, hooded, arrived at the dwelling of the victim later in the evening. It has made life a hell for two hours in the ligotant and veiling the face to assault her sexually. He spoke also in English in order to avoid being recognized.

Judge Sonia Rouleau has retained the character of premeditated crime, the threats used and especially the legacy that she qualifies as permanent for the victim. Since the events, it’s hard to be alone and to trust the men.

Judge Roll has imposed a sentence of 8 years in the penitentiary for the sexual assault causing injury and 2 years for the wearing of a disguise during the crime.

“This is a sentence that takes account of the aftermath on the victim and not just the actions on it, scan Me Ouellet. This is not only to say that touching the breasts it is not so serious…A sex crime, it is a crime of violence.”

Perron, Jonquière, had no history of judicial. His mother, who attended the sentencing, was angry. “I am outraged by the justice system, that is unfair, said Nathalie Tremblay. A lot of things have not been taken into account by the judge.”

Jeremiah Perron had argued his innocence at the trial saying that he was experiencing mental health problems and that he had himself been a victim of a sexual assault in his youth

The defence lawyer, Nicolas Gagnon, stated that the sentence was harsh, considering the absence of any judicial record of Perron. The defendant received the sentence without any reaction. He has been detained since December 2018, which leaves him with 7 years and 8 months to be served.

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