Saguenay: a district invaded by heavy trucks

Saguenay: un quartier envahi par des camions lourds

SAGUENAY – citizens who live on the Chemin Saint-Damien, in the area of Jonquière, Saguenay, have had enough of the heavy transport. Hundreds of dump trucks make round-trips in a career to get on a site a little further.

Citizens of the area have denounced the lack of civility and courtesy. The trucks follow each other, rolling and sometimes very quickly, and leaving behind a lot of sand and dust.

“I got cut the other day wanting to get in my entry. The driver of the truck the city has never looked if I was there before go,” said a resident of the Chemin Saint-Damien Philippe Proulx-Bergeron.

Normally, the construction work must be done between 7 and 22 hours in the Saguenay. But according to the neighbors, the journey begins much earlier.

It can go to 6: 30 easy. Sometimes, they even use the brakes compression for nothing,” said a neighbor, who prefers not to be named.

The councilman of the district, Jimmy Bouchard, is aware of the situation and ensures to be already entered in contact with the right people to be part of the problem.

“It was requested that the message be transmitted to the truck drivers, they are more courteous and they are more careful, they reduce the speed, he said. There are people around then if they arrive at full speed, it makes up the dust.”

To better control the speed, the police surveillance is increased in the area.

The representative of the truckers is aware of the situation. The association that represents these drivers has also helped to improve the situation.

“A trucker is going to make its profitability the number of trips. It is unfortunate, but like everything in the world, it is more advantageous for him. When it came to the knowledge of the grumbling, we decided to pay them on time,” said the director of the Association of transporteurs en vrac de Jonquière, Oloff McLean.

This change of remuneration should provide incentives for truckers to lift the foot a little.

Already during the passage of VAT News, the truckers had reduced their speed, and had reported their intentions.

The bike path is in bad condition

This dust that is sometimes found on the bike path to Chemin Saint-Damien makes the road unsafe for cyclists.

“It’s just holes and rocks, has mentioned of a cyclist. We roll on the road and we roll through the holes and the shoulder of the road, it is dangerous.”

In addition to the sand left behind by the many trucks, the cycle track has not been cleaned since the beginning of the summer, according to a citizen. The line for the delineate has been repainted over the rocks and sand that were on it.

Jimmy Bouchard ensures that the cleaning request will be made to the City as quickly as possible.

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