Saguenay: recipients of social assistance recruited to touch the PCU

Saguenay: des prestataires d'aide sociale recrutés pour toucher la PCU

Residents of the borough of Jonquière, in the Saguenay have been a victim of an attempted fraud in connection with the Performance of the canadian emergency, these last few weeks.

What is peculiar, is that the victims are receiving social assistance, therefore not eligible for the federal program.

No complaint has been given to the police, but the deputies Mario Simard and Sylvain Gaudreault had been alerted.

Three providers have been approached by a man claiming to know a way to reach the PCU. He asked them to provide personal information.

One of the people approached agreed, and received a sum of $ 6,000 in his account, before the thief asks him to transfer the money back, under the pretext of administrative costs and to be rewarded for services rendered.

The victim contacted his entourage.

“A person contacted our office, revealed the mp bloquiste Jonquière Mario Simard. The money will be returned to Revenue Canada. But it seems that an individual approach to vulnerable people to make them sparkle at PKU.”

“If you have provided your social insurance number to someone you don’t trust, please contact Service Canada”, he added.

Another tip to use is to avoid making a request to the program if you don’t have access to.

“It is to shop for depletion,” said mr. Simard. The Revenue Agency will have all the means to track you down and demand the refund.”

The office of the criminal defence lawyer Julien Boulianne has received numerous calls from recipients of social assistance about the PKU. It is not advisable to attempt the devil.

“Even if a welfare cheque is not grasped, the State can punish you in another way,” he says. The government may be difficult to prove the bad faith of an applicant, but in the vast majority of cases, the fraudsters will be tracked.”

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