Saguenay teens bullied and mocked on TikTok

Saguenay teens bullied and mocked on TikTok


A wave of intimidation is sweeping through social media, especially in Saguenay, where young people are targeted with insults.  

The phenomenon that has taken off on the TikTok network is causing a lot of talk in the community. 

The insults are propagated by others young people through anonymous accounts. Rumors and hateful remarks are conveyed about certain teenagers, often young women, to whom their photo is juxtaposed. 

Almost all the secondary schools are mentioned: secondary school of Arvida, Arvida, Kénogami, Chicoutimi, Chicoutimi-Nord, Roberval, Doldeau-Mistassini. 

For example, young people are invited to “expose” the ugliest girl in their school. 

The situation has however been denounced by many, including Mélanie Bouliane, who wrote a long publication on Facebook. 

“Today I experienced something not fun.

A teenager created a fake TikTok account to bully another teen:

<<Expose the ugliest poly from Jonquière>>.

With beautiful little music and a photo of a teenager from Poly de Jonq.

It stabbed my heart.

This teen is in my family.

This teen is a s*** beautiful teen.

This TikTok has been seen by hundreds of teenagers from Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean.

< em>No need to tell you that a TikTok like that can destroy a person especially a 14 year old, huh?


There were about fifty likes.

I took a screenshot of everyone who commented.

I have their name.

The police have been notified.

An investigation is underway to find responsible.

Because it's criminal.

During my little investigation, I discovered other tiktok accounts:

Saguenay teens bullied and mocked on TikTok

Saguenay teens bullied and mocked on TikTok

Saguenay teens bullied and mocked on TikTok

-Expose the biggest ass.


Etc< /em>


All this with a CLOSE-UP picture of YOUR DAUGHTER.

These <<exhibits >> are liked and commented on by other young people from the same school.

Mostly girls.


That's going way too far.

Biiiiiiiin too far.”

Several accounts that were reported have been suspended, but videos continue to circulate.

In addition to Mélanie Bouliane, several parents in the region have also filed a complaint with the police.