Saint-Amable: a little girl of 18 months drowns in a swimming pool

Saint-Amable: une fillette de 18 mois se noie dans une piscine

SAINT-AMABLE – A little girl of 18 months died Sunday after being drowned in a pool, in Saint-Amable, in Montérégie.

The pool was fenced, but the fence was not completely closed, according to the first information of the Régie inter-municipal de police Richelieu-Saint-Laurent.

“In a moment of inattentiveness, the child escaped the vigilance of the adults and found herself in the water,” said captain Michel Lefebvre, who said that the event had occurred on the street Bianca, in a residential area, shortly after 17 h.

The parents are not the owners of the house and were visiting in the residence at the time of the tragedy.

“It is three pairs of friends who each had children and who took advantage of a beautiful day”, has shown the captain Lefebvre.

Of cpr was attempted on the girl before help arrived, did we know.

Then, in the early evening, the police said that the little girl has been transferred to the CHU Sainte-Justine, in Montreal, where his death was eventually found shortly before 21h.

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