Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne: QS won thanks to the French vote

Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne: QS won thanks to the vote French-speaking


It's the francophone vote that would have allowed Québec solidaire to elect its 12thth MP, this week, at the end of the election partial in Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne. 

“We talked about the priorities of this electorate, starting with the housing crisis”, from the outset proclaimed party co-spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, on the set of the show “Le monde à l’envers”, Friday evening.

For QS, this gain marks a historic victory. The riding was once considered a Liberal fortified castle, populated mainly by English speakers.

For this campaign, which was conducted almost exclusively in French, the Québec solidaire team did not hesitate distribute programs in English, or even speak Spanish with Spanish-speaking voters. “I play politics by addressing everyone,” added the spokesperson, during his interview with Stéphan Bureau.

The politician also pointed out that after analyzing the routes won, it was in the French-speaking neighborhoods that QS stood out above all.

During his interview, Mr. Nadeau-Dubois also took the opportunity to reiterate his position on immigration and the language of Molière, indicating that the newcomers were not a threat to French, but that the province would benefit from better regularizing and supervising asylum seekers who go through Roxham Road.


With Danny St-Pierre, the debaters of the week, Biz, Sophie Durocher, Richard Martineau and Yasmine Abdelfadel, asked themselves the question of whether Quebecers pay too many tips in restaurants .

At the start of the program, the debaters also spoke about the survival of the French language, and at the same time, about the new advertisement of the Coalition avenir Québec on the protection of French.

Sébastien Benoit for his part occupied the chair of the guest of the a week.

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