Sainte-Clotilde and Saint-Chrysostome: the two festivals held at the end of June have generated up to 80 cases of COVID-19

Sainte-Clotilde et Saint-Chrysostome: deux fêtes tenues à la fin juin ont généré jusqu'à 80 cas de COVID-19

The two festivals held at Sainte-Clotilde and Saint-Chrysostome at the end of June have generated up to 80 cases, ” said Dr Horacio Arruda in a press conference in Ottawa.

There appeared to be some slackening in the population during the summer period, the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, reminds us of the importance of complying with the instructions in order to avoid a second wave.

“I observed that there was a laxity which is quite human […] but if you don’t want to go back, it is necessary that one works”, he warned in a press briefing on Friday in Gatineau.

It invites Quebecers who are preparing to travel to another region for their holidays to wear a mask.

“If you go elsewhere, be respectful with the other regions in wearing a mask”, has launched the Dr. Arruda.

Aware that he is “rambling on”, the director of public health insists on the importance of observing the three main rules in order to avoid the spread of the COVID-19.

“I ramble, I ramble, I ramble […] but it is important to keep a distance of two metres. When this is not possible, keep your face covered with a mask and it is necessary to wash hands”, he insisted.

Horacio Arruda has also repeated that he should not trust to appearances with regards to the presence of the virus in the community.

“He has not the air, the virus, but it is everywhere,” he warned.


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