Sale of the Senators: Snoop Dogg competes with Ryan Reynolds

Senators sale: Snoop Dogg takes on Ryan Reynolds


The Ottawa Senators have never been more popular in Hollywood. After actor Ryan Reynolds, now the incomparable Snoop Dogg would also be part of the race to get his hands on the Canadian team.

This is what The Athletic site reported, Monday.

The Californian rapper would have joined a consortium led by entrepreneur Neko Sparks wanting to buy the “Sens”.

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We don't know yet how much would Snoop Dogg invest, but he wouldn't just be a spectator in the organization. He would like not only to promote the team, but also to increase the accessibility of hockey in the greater Ottawa area, particularly for families from diverse backgrounds.

Snoop Dogg could also join the team broadcast Senators games to TSN, as he has done in the past with his hometown team, the Los Angeles Kings.

In addition to his successful career as a artist, he has generated significant sums as an entrepreneur, particularly in the field of recreational cannabis.

Recall that another consortium, of which Reynolds is a member, would also have submitted an offer to worth approximately $1 billion to acquire the Senators.

The late Eugene Melynk's daughters, Anna and Olivia, put the team up for sale last November.