Salman Rushdie is no longer on a ventilator and has started talking again

Salman Rushdie is off a ventilator and has started talking again


Writer Salman Rushdie is doing a little better, multiple media reported on Saturday evening.

Stabbed in the neck and abdomen during a conference in State of New York on Friday, the author of the Satanic Verses would no longer be on artificial respirators and he would have started speaking again, notably claimed the New York Times.< /p>

On Saturday, author Aatish Taseer advanced this information which was confirmed by Salman Rushdie's agent. However, he indicated that the author might lose the sight of one eye.

Mr. Rushdie's liver was also badly damaged and the nerves in one of his arms were severed .

This news came hours after the writer's attacker, Hadi Matar, pleaded not guilty to attempted murder.