Saloon: all in music!

Saloon plunges us into the Wild West, the real one. The public is entitled to an exploded performance, which will leave them amused, impressed and more than festive!
S aloon, the last Cirque Éloize show, stopped at the Université de Sherbrooke Cultural Center yesterday. We understand why the Canadian premiere was presented in Sainte-Tite. In a world of dynamic cowboys, the musical and acrobatic comedy was well received in Sherbrooke. From the first minutes, folk-bluegrass music enlivens the crowd. It mixes perfectly with voices, dance and somersaults.

The music group The Vultures, composed of Sophie Beaudet, Ben Nesrallah and Trevor Pool, interprets folk songs with ease. Classics such as Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire delight the vast majority of spectators. The audience was captivated by the group, while watching the circus and dance movements on stage. The eyes of the spectators tried not to miss anything.

Each song brings a new number. The first, a Chinese mast performance, already captures the public’s attention. It aroused several exclamations of the spectators amazed. The fear of a fall was felt by hidden faces or very straight postures.

To fill this concern, the caricature characters trigger more than one giggle in the room. A perfectly executed sound and mimicry game adds a lot to the party atmosphere that already reigned with the catchy music.

Story of seduction

The play, directed by Emmanuel Guillaume, tells a story of seduction. The plot, perhaps cliché, however leaves room for an impressive battle of circus prowess between men to attract the attention of Madame. Who to choose? Hard to decide.

Towards the end of the show, The Vultures trio performs the famous piece Cotton-Eyed Joe. The instruments, which have been just one element of the show until now, are pushed to the forefront to give us the impression of a concert. All clap hands to the rhythm of the song.

The last issue is certainly what many have preferred. On a rocker in the center of the stage, the artists catapult each other in the air. They go higher and higher and add the pirouettes: the audience is fascinated, and he lets it appear. The choreography of Nicolas Boivin-Gravel is executed brilliantly.

Saloon will be presented on May 7th at Albert-Rousseau Hall in Quebec City. Tickets are still available.

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