Sam Heughan single ? The actor from Outlander would have separated from his girlfriend

Sam Heughan célibataire ? L'acteur de Outlander se serait séparé de sa girlfriend

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Sam Heughan single ? The actor who plays Jamie Fraser in the series Outlander will be separated from his girlfriend Amy Shiels

No, Sam Heughan is no longer a couple. It is, in any case, what the interpreter of Jamie Fraser has hinted in a recent interview. The hero of the series Outlander has particular confessed a hope to find love one day. A love that he wants to be as strong as the one that Jamie and Claire have for each other in the show. Would this not be an admission of celibacy ?

Sam Heughan single ?

While the season 5 of Outlander (aired on Starz in the Usa) is available on Netflix from Monday 17 February 2020, the hero of the series is assigned on his private life in Inquirer. Sam Heughan, after having been in a relationship with MacKenzie Mauzy and Amy Shiels would be now single. It is this that suggests his own revelations in the interview. “Relationships are difficult when one is working in Scotland 10 months of the year,” he said, “maybe I’ll find someone eventually”. Therefore, it would be well and truly separated from his girlfriend.

“I travel a lot and as soon as I have time to vacuum, I’m trying to work on other projects. My career comes first” explained the one who embodies Jamie Fraser in the show to success, “My priority has always been my career so this is where I’m at for the moment”. Sam Heughan, therefore, has always made his romantic relationship to the second plan, although he remains confident of fall really in love one day. “I’m sure that at some point, I’ll bump into down and after I’ll be fucked up” he as well confessed with a laugh.

“It would be amazing to find a love like that”

The actor of scots who will be 40 years old on 30 April of next year has also confessed during the same interview : “He (Jamie bowman) is really loyal and a little stubborn. The love Jamie has for Claire, it would be incredible to find something like that to me”. Sam Heughan dream, therefore, to find a love like Jamie and Claire and live a romance so powerful.

Already, in June 2019 the BG had the air of being single. In fact, he had declared to Parade about the romance of the main characters ofOutlander : “I think it is something to which everyone aspires. (…) I like to think that it exists and that one day, I will have it to me too”.

No, it is not with Caitriona Balfe

And then therefore it would be a heart to take, several fans imagine still of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are a couple in life. Except that the performers Jamie and Claire are just very good friends. At the beginning of the year 2018, the actress had announced that it is to be betrothed to Tony McGill. She and the music producer were married in August of 2019. The star is so casée, and not with her partner on the screen.

The one who will soon be the poster of the movie Bloodshot with Vin Diesel has spoken of their strong friendship by telling the Inquirer : “This is a woman so wonderful, smart and creative”as, “and most of all, it is a good friend. It forces me to me sociabiliser when I don’t want to. (…) It is great to be a part, and always be welcome in his world”.

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