Sami El-Gueddari (Dancing with the stars 10) : his victory, Fauve Hautot, he entrusts himself (Interview)

Sami El Gueddari (Danse avec les stars 10) : sa victoire, Fauve Hautot, il se confie (Interview)

Dancing with the stars 10 : the grand prize winner, Sami El-Gueddari in an exclusive interview for Purebreak

This is Sami El-Gueddari, who is the big winner of Dancing with the stars 10. With Fauve Hautot, he won the final round on Saturday 23 November 2019 live on TF1. They got 62% of the vote in the face of Ladji Doucoure and Inès Vandamme. The winner of the show hosted by Camille Combal has answered the questions of PRBK during an exclusive interview. The swimmer with a disability we had in particular admitted to having had a desire to win for himself but also for Fawn.

“It is beautiful that Fawn wins this season 10”

Sami El-Gueddari, and Fauve Hautot has won the final of Dancing with the stars 10 on TF1 this Saturday 23 November 2019. The winner of this season 10 has granted an interview exclusively to PRBK. When we asked him what he had thought at the time where Camille Combal pronounced his name as the winner, the swimmer with a disability told us : “I said to myself, whoa ! Top ! It is good we did that”. “I had a huge thought for Fawn. It is true that it is a victory that I had the heart to go looking for it” he also added. “It was the season 10 it’s beautiful that she wins this season 10, and then with me. I was glad of it” because “it is the consecration of this three-month adventure great that we have shared together and where we feasted from the beginning to the end”.

Their meeting today, Sami El-Gueddari, and Fauve Hautot have been able to tame and become friends. What he enjoys doing in her home ? “This ambition of big shows that she has taken from the beginning, it was not limited and I can’t thank them enough for that. She looked at the handicap of the good way,” he explained, “It didn’t worked and I loved it”. Not to mention that “I have admired the athlete” and “humanly, this is a person that I took a lot of pleasure to discover”.

The dancers ? “I hope I would have the opportunity of seeing them again,”

Her best memory during the finale of Dancing with the stars 10 face-to-Ladji Doucoure ? This is not when he received the trophy, but his performance on the title Can’t Hold Us of Macklemore. Why ? “This jive was very ambitious but most of all, I’ve had the chance to share about what jive is a piece of choreography with the dancers pro who have always been at our side, who have always been caring and listening”. “You have to be on my side for the final it was a beautiful gift,” he said, “This is where we see the sport it’s still a great family we share so many common values”.

Elsewhere, Sami El-Gueddari account review Fauve Hautot, who said be ready to leave Dancing with the stars, but also the other pros of the track as “Denitsa, Katrina, Christian Millette, Emma… people that I hope and that I think I would have the opportunity to review in my life,” because they are “nice people with whom I’ve truly well hung”.

It is with all the DALS family that the winner has celebrated her victory. “We all ended up with the dancers and all of the teams behind it : the cameramen, the journalists, the production with our loved ones so it was great” he told. “But I do not hide that there were a lot of tired also”, he stressed, “it has been a little whirlwind”.

Content but also “relieved”

How has he done in order to stay in the top ranking along with his partner in choreography ? Thanks to the work, to the mental and in this state of mind : “Start each new week as if it was the first”. “Even if we had good grades the week before, it is necessary to rebuild everything, learn everything, and give it the same energy, the same intensity” with “a desire to do even better each week”.

Even if it was intensive, “it was nothing let go”. Relating to the hours of training, “the more it goes, the more the” he revealed, laughing, stating : “At the beginning we were training 4 to 5 hours per day and at the end it is 6 to 8 hours”, but the last week “we arrived at 8 o’clock in the morning and off we went to 20 hours every day”. Suddenly, the top athlete is happy to have won, but he is also “tired” and “relieved”. He even confessed that “it feels good when it stops”.

“I’m going to continue to promote disabled sports”

Determined to change attitudes about the disabled and the handicap, the champion who has participated in the Paralympic Games, is delighted to have received feedback throughout the competition on television. “I had a lot of testimonies, not evil returns”, “I had a lot of exchanges with parents who have children with disabilities, a lot of exchanges with people who are newly in a situation of handicap” and “I hope it will continue to inspire vocations”.

“It is also important that the coaches welcome more,” recalled Sami El-Gueddari, and “I hope that my journey makes them realize that we can charbonner, it can be demanding, you can ask the same thing (the same intensity, the same intention) to an athlete that an athlete with a disability”.

What will he do next, now that the show is over ? “I take my projects where I had left a little bit left” and “continue to work on the development of swimming paralympic, continue to promote the disabled”.

Interview by Marie Piat. Exclusive content. Do not reproduce without citing

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