Samsung Galaxy Fold : getting started with the smartphone foldable (and really revolutionary)

Samsung Galaxy Fold : prise en main du smartphone pliable (et vraiment révolutionnaire)

Samsung Galaxy Fold : getting started with the smartphone foldable, this is what PRBK think !

Today, PRBK was able to test the Samsung Galaxy Fold. A taken in hand the smartphone foldable, which allows you to give an account of this revolution for the phones. Version folded, it allows you to answer calls and to text messages quickly with one hand. And once opened, the huge screen is ideal for bingewatcher series or play video games.

A screen foldable gun

Folded, unfolded, folded, unfolded… No, this is not for a year of a new sport to fashion, but the next movement of the followers of the smartphones latest. For all those who wonder what it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, aka the first smartphone folding of the brand, here’s a taste in pictures. PRBK was able to perform a taken in hand this Wednesday, April 17, 2019. Our verdict ? This innovative product is a small jewel of technology.

Samsung Galaxy Fold : getting started with the smartphone foldable, this is what PRBK think !

Samsung Galaxy Fold : getting started with the smartphone foldable, this is what PRBK think !

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be sold from may 3, next in France, the price of 2.020€. Four colours will be available : Silver, Stellar, Cosmos Black, Green Mars and Blue Astro. In addition to the product, the box set sale will Galaxy Buds (worth€ 150), a cover made of kevlar to protect it (and folds) as well as an insurance Samsung Care+ a year (in order to fix your baby if you do fall in the subway). But why shopper a smartphone foldable ? If you are a fan of phones or high tech in general, it is for you.

But the general public also can find, especially if you like to watch series and movies on your smartphone. In the train by example, not worth it to take out your tablet or your computer. With this smartphone, you will only have to unfold to be able to watch the last episode of Game of Thrones thanks to the first screen foldable Dynamic AMOLED Infinity Flex (measuring at 7.3″). And if you are a gamer, you video games on the big screen for immersion more impressive !

As for the glass screen Gorilla Glass 6 (the one-mode folded), it is perfect to check your notifications, respond to your messages on Messenger, to text your BFF or get the call from your boss.

Don’t lose the thread

With the feature App Continuity exclusive (developed in collaboration with Google), you’ll be able to fold and unfold your smartphone as many times as you want, without losing what you were doing. For example, if you are lost on vacation in Los Angeles (yeah, or to Lille, it also works), you can watch your position on Google Maps on the small screen, and then unfold the phone to better see where you are going. The application will remain open at the same point where you were.

A function that may also apply in the other direction (from the big screen to the small one) by going into your settings, set the display to toggle from one screen to the other. Easy !


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