Samsung Galaxy Note 10: where to watch the presentation online

Samsung will present the new smartphone Galaxy Note 10 at 23:00 Kyiv time

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 09:04

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: где смотреть презентацию онлайн

Galaxy Note 10 will be shown at the Unpacked event

Today August 7 in new York at 23:00 Kyiv time, will host the Unpacked event in which Samsung will present to the world new smartphones Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus. It is also expected that along with the innovations will be re-announced flexible smartphone Galaxy Fold, the output of which was postponed for technical reasons, but it seems that the manufacturer has corrected all the flaws with the design. Samsung will broadcast live events on its web site.

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How it will look Galaxy Note 10

At the weekend was released the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 before the presentation. YouTube channel Mobile Fun has shown prototypes of two smartphones, which confirmed rumors regarding the release of two smartphone models, one of which will be 6.3-inch, and the second is 6.8 inch. Differ they will also be cameras (vertical), battery capacity and price. Of course, will be present and the S Pen.

Earlier there were rumors that the Note 10 going to remove all physical buttons in the housing. The rumors were wrong: the Note 10 are the volume buttons and power, but fortunately, the hardware button Bixby disappear. Along with the button will disappear and the usual headphone Jack, which many users are already disappointed – will have to use adapters USB Type-C at 3.5 mm.

Other gadgets

Last year, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 9 with the smart watch, Galaxy Watch, wireless charger for Note 9, as well as a clever speaker Galaxy Home. It is not excluded that with new smartphones Galaxy Note 10 will feature new gadgets.

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As claimed by ZDNet, Samsung will introduce a new model portable smart Speaker Home acoustics Galaxy to compete with Amazon Echo , Google and Apple HomePod Home. Also present new smart watch, but details unknown no.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: где смотреть презентацию онлайн

Photos Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Earlier this year, Samsung received a patent on the use of S-Pen camera, providing Note 10 optical zoom. The patent was first published by Patently Mobile in February 2019, which means that the S-Pen with built-in camera may debut in Note 10.

Recall that earlier we reported that Samsung smartphone’s dreams will receive an incredible feature. Also earlier there was a rumor that Samsung will refuse the name Galaxy Note 10.

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