Samsung Galaxy S11 will receive the camera with the spectrometer NASA

Samsung received a patent for a equipment Galaxy S11 spectrometer from NASA, which will work in conjunction with a 108 megapixel image sensor

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Samsung Galaxy S11 получит фотокамеру NASA со спектрометром

Appeared the first images of the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S11

Over the years, Samsung has perfected its line of Galaxy S so that every new model announcement is of interest to the public no less than the presentation of the iPhone. This year’s Galaxy S10 has become two if not a benchmark of what to look for in an Android smartphone. It would seem where to go? Resource Phone Arena has shared information relative wow, will look like Samsung Galaxy S11 and what opportunities will have the main Android flagship 2020.

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Samsung Galaxy S11 will be released in a period of transition for smartphones. In 2020, will go on sale in the first flexible smartphone, which was delayed for various technical reasons, but they will still be in its infancy. Therefore, the classic smart phones-all-in-ones will still be relevant, and S11 will be no exception.

Samsung Galaxy S11 получит фотокамеру NASA со спектрометром

Galaxy S11 will receive a tiny front camera

Samsung has equipped the S10 selfie cameras embedded in the screen is the original solution, but not perfect. According to rumors, Samsung is actively working on the cameras that are hidden under the screen, to once and forever solve the problem of placing the selfie camera on the front panel, without resorting to the use of the periscopes or holes in the screen. According to the latest insider reports, this camera will not appear in the Galaxy S11 and it will be all the same hole in the screen, but smaller. What should I do Samsung to highlight its flagship from the competition and differ from the previous Samsung phones?

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Camera the Galaxy S10 get the highest marks from the experts. At the same time on the technical equipment of the photosensors of the innovations remain at the level of Galaxy S7 in 2016. But the company was able to improve their quality not only of hardware, but with the help of artificial intelligence technologies that S10 obtained excellent pictures, especially at night.

Samsung Galaxy S11 получит фотокамеру NASA со спектрометром

Camera Galaxy S11

According to the latest information from Phone Arena, Samsung will equip the Galaxy S11 camera with a huge resolution 108 MP of its own production. S11 also get a telephoto lens, which uses the method of increasing the “periscope” (as in the popular Huawei Pro P30) to provide 5-fold optical zoom.

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But most importantly, in addition to high resolution camera, Samsung Galaxy S11 will receive a spectrometer – a device that uses infrared light to analyze the chemical composition of objects. Previously this technology used by NASA in their spacecraft to determine the chemical composition of distant stars and planets. Recently, Samsung has received a patent for equipping its smartphones such a spectrometer. But why the need for a spectrometer on the phone?

Samsung Galaxy S11 получит фотокамеру NASA со спектрометром

The location of the spectrometer is to the right of the heart rate sensors

Samsung is actively promoting technology health tracking. The latest model of the Galaxy S was equipped with a sensor measuring the heartbeat. And in Galaxy S11 will be integrated spectrometer, which will extend the care of their own health. For example, the smartphone can be bring on the fruit or any other product to instantly get information about its nutritional value, and if you scan the alcohol, even to determine the percentage of alcohol in it. Another likely application, which will certainly appreciate the fans of the selfie, could be the app for body care, which will help you to read the contents of moisture and fat in the skin to in real time to analyze and give advice on how best to take care of it.

Samsung Galaxy S11 получит фотокамеру NASA со спектрометром

General view Galaxy S11 according to Phone Arena

The idea of using the spectrometer in smartphones is not new. At CES 2017 was presented to the smartphone Changhong H2 that had this feature. But then, her opportunities were extremely limited, and the device was a concept and production has not gone. So Samsung has a chance to become the first major manufacturer of phones, including this technology in one of its products.

Samsung Galaxy S11 получит фотокамеру NASA со спектрометром

Colored housing for Galaxy S11

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